About Acuity Law Associates

It is of immense pleasure to us that you choose us for seeking our services and we warmly welcome you to our law firm and we take this moment to introduce ourselves. Our professionals and experts, who are part of our concern are champions in their respective fields and have upheld the values of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity.

The firm was founded by S.Krishnaa and M.Anthony Moses, who have roped in the best talents available in the field to assist them in the firm. Both of them came from the stable of Shri.S.A.Rajan, a very leading criminal lawyer in his own times.

We can pride ourselves over the fact that in these two decades of our arrival here as a law firm, we were able to provide solutions, comfort and warmth to a whole lot of clients who were constrained to prosecute or defend their rights or to fight for their dignity or to a win an entitlement, and we made sure that their expectations are fulfilled, their demands satisfied, their bruised lives solaced and several wrongs righted.

Our in-house professionals are people who got strengthened over years of litigation experience, court craft and ingenuity in all quarters of the legal arena and they can help you tide over issues with their customised ideas and solutions. Many of our clientele are entrenched leaders in their respective areas of excellence and the relationship between us only grows stronger over the years.

We exhort you to try us once and we assure you that you that you have found a relationship that is going to last forever.